Memories are like photos

I think this is becoming a new hobby. I just love the way lights look taken at night with slower shutter speeds while riding, hands moving as the SUV hits another dip in the road. Photos like this remind me of life flying past -- incidents blurred perhaps, but bright enough to remain imprinted in our minds.

Photos are like memories of our son growing up, many are as clear as if they had been taken with an extremely fast shutter speed, stopping the moment in all its detail. Other memories are as faded as photos taken through the mist on a cold morning. Some are like these streaks, I don't remember details, but I still feel the glowing feelings that the moment brought.

Now a married adult and as far across the U.S. as he can be, bar two hours drive each direction. For some families this distance is perfectly normal, even healthy; for others it is completely unnatural, distressing. On our end of this, it is both for different reasons, but it was by choice and on most days, the choice still feels like the correct one. And on most days the memories are still clear or at least like these abstract photos of bright light, they bring color to our lives and bright colors bring smiles to our faces.

We are lucky. . . we still have chances to make more memories. . . Why not make one now while it is on your mind? I just did in the midst of this, I made a phone call, a silly one albeit, but a memory.