Ok, so it is in the double digits. . .

and not the single digits -- but it is still too cold for jeans and just a moisture wicking layer! Brrr. And yes, I took an extra bag, but it wasn't empty. . . Had to have plenty to do while Leon worked, right, so in addition to emergency food and water and so on:

- a book, "Writing and Publishing Personal Essays" by Sheila Bender (I love it.)
- Knifty Knitter loom to finish my hat (good thing, I lost my other one.)
- the little pocket pal skunk I am in the middle of knitting
- the shawl wrap I am in the middle of knitting
- another set of needles and leftover yarn
- a notebook and pens
- my laptop to work on my novel and upload these pictures
- my camera and spare batteries

The mountains were beautiful, as usual. Picture taken this morning just West of Steven's Pass on Hwy 2. I posted this one because it looks as cold as it felt, I hope!

It is so much fun to stop at Leavenworth for coffee at the Starbucks, because we usually see a few kids sledding on the tiny hill in their town park right on the highway and they were out there today. So, one pass down, two to go on Thursday. . .


Chris said...

You're driving on roads like the photo? Double Yuck!

Marcia said...

Chris! But they are way up high in the mountains, it is not like that down in the foothills, well, not normally, anyway! (And in reality, it was brighter, but the camera picked up the mist. . . and in reality I do NOT brave this often. . . I was raised in Florida. I haven't even learned to walk on ice yet, much less be comfortable having anyone drive me on it. . )

East of Oregon said...

wow it looks freezing cold!! stay warm as best you can :)