A road trip with Marcia

Although I enjoy Marcia's company on these business trips, the getting ready and the travel portion of the program can be very stressful, that is, when we finally get Marcia in the van.

It feels as though we pack up half of our wardrobe and food supplies to make a 3 hour road trip that is full of little screams, "look out", and a lot of other unnecessary comments about my driving, objects, people, and other vehicles on the road. Oh yes, and the constant reminders of what the speed limit and my speed don't have in common.

I do have to say one thing in her defense, I did have to do a load of laundry the night before we headed out for our last day on the road. One question though. If I'm doing all of the driving and working the 10 and 12 hour days, why am I doing the laundry????? Your response to this question is not required but would be appreciated.