Snow leaves, child leaves, the cycle repeats

OK, the snow cycle repeats, not necessarily the child. . . just in case your imagination had the child multiplying. I was referring to the coming and going, not more. And even when cycles repeat they may not be the same.

In Florida, it was hurricanes that cycled back every year, but the number, the location, the duration, the intensity all changed from year to year. In Washington, I will watch the snow cycle instead, but in both states I watched the cycle of our son leaving home, coming back to visit, and leaving, to return again. Just as in hurricanes and in snow cycles, the number, the location, the duration, and even the intensity of the visits change and will continue to change over the years.

But with a child turned adult, comes a new cycle of visiting alone, and then with a dog, and then with a wife, and who knows with whom they will come in future visits.

Cycles are change and change can be good.


East of Oregon said...

Change is good and sometimes difficult because of that. Very nice reflective post. take care.