Success and failure

I did not put much effort into NaNoFiMo, I started to, but I allowed other things to distract me, so, the short of it, I failed at adding 30,000 words to my novel, but I did read a few chapters and even made a few edits. That is so me: jump around, rather than doing things in what would appear to others to be a logical order.

I did, however, make progress on my novel; wrote a few other pieces, several poems, and my three blogs; and learned a few more tricks to customizing our blogs, and got Leon started on a blog all his own on 55-alive.com, so I suppose we are now in competition. I never thought I would see the day he blogged!

I am promising myself that when his readership over there surpasses mine, I will take comfort in the fact that I was the catalyst, grammar checker, and sometimes editor for him -- and swallow the fact that he is showing the world just how clever he really is, many times much more clever than I. After all, it WAS my idea.

So, today we are putting together my office area, complete with dry erase board and chalk board in a last ditch effort to enable organization in someone who loves it but shoves it wherever she can. I realized that as much as I love everything hidden away, I am very much an out of sight out of mind person. However, with EVERYTHING in sight, I can't see any of it, so it is STILL out of sight and out of mind. So, I am going to try it the hidden way. . . with the exception of my boards. . . and my knitting. . . and the books I am forgetting to read. . . and my laptop (OK. That IS the one thing I could hide and never forget!)


East of Oregon said...

happy New Year - here's to the new office organization! I need inspiring! :)

Marcia said...

Thank you for the new year's wishes. I better get moving on that organization. Got a tad bit side-tracked today. . .