Just a thought. Many of us assume too much. And assuming causing dissension, causes people who are nice to be put out for someone's whim or sets the stage for someone to have a major internal war with themselves that would not have been needed had assumptions not been made by the other party. Can't blame the assumer for my internal war, that is my problem, but I would never have had to go there had they not assumed at all, much less incorrectly.

So, now I make a declaration. I will do my BEST from here on out not to assume that anyone understands what I am saying. So, in personal or business dealings in the future, if I repeatedly question your words or explain to you in so much detail you could not possibly misunderstand, please, don't take it that I think you are stupid, just that I may have no way of knowing beforehand just how many assumptions you make or how accurate they are. I am not enjoying this internal war, because both end results are not completely favorable to any of us.

Rant over, internal war still in progress. (And for the record, I will also try to not make assumptions, especially without thinking about them first.)



This is one reason i never assume anything. It is better sometimes not to assume to avoid being hurt or disappointed.
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Rose said...

Well you know what they say about assumptions? Assume makes an ass out of you and me. I have had my head put on the chopping block a few times because people assumed. Funny I have a post on assumptions too or I did, maybe I still do. I cannot remember if it is one of those things I wrote & then deleted. lol