Health care for all - now

I set up several blogs so I could keep my big rants, raves, charities, etc. separate from this blog. It has worked well for me. What hasn't worked well for me is trying to decide which cause to champion with the most intensity; there are so many worthy causes out there. I have traditionally been a person who when overwhelmed took the least path of resistance, so I championed few causes with any fervor.

At first, shyness played a major part as well. Later our child, taking in a relative, then someone else's child, and helping my own parents took my time and energy, although between "guests" I managed to be an adult literacy tutor for a while and loved it, but I did not champion it.

Today, I chose which fight to concentrate on: health care for all in the United States - now. I hope that citizens of other countries that don't already have it will fight as well for their own country. I hope that those who already have it will join in another country's fight as well.

The following link is to my first blog entry on health care for all with links to two organizations. I have championed for a child before, but never for a cause. Read my first attempt at Shh-Speak Up


Chris said...

This is a formidable issue to tackle. After reading some of the things you've done in life I'm sure you'll make a difference with health care.

Raggedy said...

Health Care focus sounds good.
I admire you for taking it on.
Have a wonderful day!