How not to get out of our house on a weekend

If we want to get out of the house on a weekend - on a day we have no really big plans, there are two rules, which we break all the time:

1. Don't let me near the computer! One thing leads to another to another.

2. Don't let Leon accidently click on Discovery or other channel that has something about huge equipment, how things work, or anything that has a narrator with that official voice. (Their official narration tells me it MIGHT be interesting, but the drone shuts my limited concentration capacity down, so back to the computer, looking up occasionally to see those huge calipers inside a hanger working away.)

Today's show on Discovery Channel is fascinating, Engineering the Impossible. It is a two part show and shows again on the tenth of this month! There is a segment on a bridge from Europe to Africa and on a tunnel across the Gibraltar Straight. And, one on memory steel, how cool, but we will have to watch it later, too much to do.

Check this link out: http://www.tdrinc.com/gibraltar.htm It is for a design for a proposed bridge, was also featured in Popular Mechanics in 2004. Not sure if it is one spoken about in the program, but it fascinated me.

So, back to reality, our living room and basement thermostat had a meltdown a couple of days ago, off to find the correct one. The temp was down to 56 this morning. But we are so lucky, we have heat in the bedrooms and we didn't loose electricity like so many others overnight. Have a warm (not FL hot day).


East of Oregon said...

I so relate to this :)