Tuesday Tumble -Chemicals in RVs

If you are sensitive to chemicals, don't open drawers or cabinet doors on a new RV. For the most part many of the RVs had been exposed to fresh air enough the chemical smells were not too obvious, but there were a couple that left my eyes burning horribly and my head starting to react when I opened a drawer that had most likely not been opened much. I also noticed that a few of the RVs would evoke a reaction almost as soon as I walked in. I sure hope they had not been opened up before that show. . . and that is not how they will be for years.

But there are some really really nice RVs sold now. We will probably never get one at this rate. I want a small van type for going to smaller parks on the weekends, a Class B or C for quick trips to Florida (quick is not exactly a truth here), and a big one to live in full time. Oh, and a toy hauler, just because I like them. Now I can't have all four, nor three, probably not even two, and maybe not even one, but it sure is fun trying to wade through hundreds of them repeatedly to find that perfect one for us. It is out there.

If you are even remotely interested in RVing in the future, you better start your search now.