Thursday Thirteen - Sites I Like - A Lot

03/15/06 Thirteen Sites loved by Marcia

1. Jake's Closet A movie trailer (Drama/Suspense) Perspective is through the eyes of a six-year-old who believes there is something lurking in his closet. The site uses hidden links, just move cursor around screen to find synopsis and director's interview. The script won the Panasonic Digital Filmakers' Grant.

(Notes: Sound will come on automatically, they have a shut off, bottom left, but the child's voice and background noises are haunting.)
I learned of this through the proud father of Lance W. Lanfear who is a producer on this film. I posted this strictly because I love the trailer.)

2. Live Science Fascinating articles.

3. ASL Browser American Sign Language - click on a word, video pops up with person demonstrating the sign (Link beneath Alphabet at bottom of web page has links to classes, both online and with CD and book.)

4. Room to Read Establishing libraries in 7 countries, building schools, publishing books, etc. Link takes you directly to what has been accomplished since 2000.

5. USA Freedom Corps Volunteer Opportunities!

6. Save A Snowflake I am posting it for the photo, I am not suggesting you all grab super glue nor am I accepting responsibility if any of us glue our fingers to something.)

7. Novica National Geographic's store of hand made items from several countries --- Buy or just window shop!

8. QuickMuse Are you curious on how other authors write from a prompt? See the words in real time -- as they typed them -- or speed it up. Of course you could just jump to the end results. "It is an experiment, QuickMuse, to see if first thoughts are indeed the best ones."

9. Locks of Love (These kids have no bad hair days. . .well, not the kind most of us have.)

10. Color A Smile I blogged on them here.

11. NASCAR Check the schedule, read about your favorite drivers, buy a gift for a NASCAR fanatic.

12. CNET I love this site, downloads and technology product reviews

13. 55-alive! Online community with articles on recreation, hobbies, fitness, jobs, grandparenting, and more. Groups, bulletin boards, and yes, blogs. (I'm there -- Meeaugraphie's Parenthetical Words.)
(Leon is, too -- Limey's Blog, Rambling Commentary? -- but, too busy lately at work.)

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christine said...

I always learn so much when I pop by your site. I've saved this list to go through when I have time. I am intrigued by the quick muse site.

Mine are up too - all about chickens, life and art.

Have a great weekend!

Rashenbo said...

That quickmuse site is awesome. I've not seen it before! I am going to have to lurk over there some more :) I also like cnet. I have found some great downloads there for projects I'm working on.

Fun list!

KarenW said...

It's always fun to find new sites. Thanks!

Anni said...

I donate about 10-12 inches to Locks of Love every time that I have it. Takes me about 3 years to get it there, but I've sent in ponytails twice, and will again probably next month.

A friend of mine just found that ASL site too. Great resource!

jenny said...

wow! tons of great sites! i will visit each of them & see what it's all abt...thanks for sharing!

mine's up!

impworks said...

Some good sites there

Vic Grace said...

Some interesting sites there, just popped over to say Hi.

Shelli Stevens said...

I don't think I've been to any...except, maybe the Snowflake one.

Janet said...

interesting sites! thank you for sharing them with us :-)

Sophisticated Writer said...

I'll check them out esp. that QuickMuse (being an aspiring writer) :)

Great TT!

TNChick said...

that is a variety of links!! i know of many of them but not all...

East of Oregon said...

this is a really great list of sites - good sites! take care, and happy rest of the weekend :)