Tuesday Tumble - Two Important RV Decisions

Safety first, for me. The other most important considerations, even before the right floor plan are:

Every person who will be a passenger in the front needs to sit in the front passenger seat. Not all RVs have room for you to sit straight. Many have the large bump outs for the engine and even as small as I am I cannot sit straight in the seat because I have to shove my feet to one side which barely twists my body. It doesn't seem like much, but after many hours riding, it becomes quite uncomfortable. I have eliminated many RVs from our search because of that. I am not assuming this, my husband's van has caused me many uncomfortable miles, or miles with my feet pulled up cross-legged to try to untwist my back. And if the seat is too high for you, be sure you can put something safely beneath your feet to take the pressure off your legs. They will say just sit at one of the other seat belted positions. Are the seat backs there high enough to protect your head from snapping back?

Make sure that if you are a TV watcher, it is in a place you can watch it without hurting your neck. Some seem, in spite of their large size, to have been thrown in as an afterthought, to use more as a radio, because you just can't watch them comfortably.