Tuesday Tumble - Belly Dancing

Well, it is official. I miss it, finally, I mean really, really miss it. It was a part of my well being for fifteen years. Great reasons for discontinuing it (wanted to tutor in adult literacy), great reason for not going back to it later, (not going into it, though). Then, other things caught my interest, then we bought a house that took our money (yeah, I could have danced at home, but I love dancing with the group).

Since I left belly dancing there has been a great movement toward tribal dancing. (That link is a three part article discovered writing this post!) I love the more ethnic forms of the dance anyway, the looser Turkish style movements (don't read into that) other the tighter smaller Egyptian movements. I never loved the costumes that seemed to get lower and lower or with the skirts exposing the entire leg all the time (yes, I wore mini skirts, this is different). In other words, I really didn't like the next to nothing look (hey, I said next to nothing, not totally covered) or to watch the dance done in heels. I was all about barefoot (no, not and pregnant) or, at most, tiny, thin, flat sandals that tie (Hermes). I loved harem pants layered with several skirts that flew out when we spun, hip scarves, head scarves, the more the better.

Now, why NOW, do I suddenly miss it? Simply because I have been listening to the music again and it gets right in there and grabs that ethnic woman inside me that also loves Ancient Hawaiian dance and song and the music of women like Tina Turner -- and -- Melissa Etheridge-- and -- Alanis Morissette -- and -- Janis Joplin. Add to the music that while signing up on Youtube I searched belly dance. That's it.

Now to buy a few of my favorite songs on CD, my old cassette tapes have seen better days. (That's how long ago it's been.) We never transferred the videos to DVD, so what's the chance they have not decomposed in all this time? Memories are awesome, but since I am on an exercise kick. . . think it is time to get the cassettes out and see if at least they will play. . . I know I can't move like that anymore, not without tons of work. Now, I'm off to read that article more carefully and check out the costumes.