Reminder: Script Frenzy - it's almost time!

Check out their logo. I'm displaying it on all my blogs with the link back to Script Frenzy - the more people writing the more muses getting a good work out -- has to be good for the universe, wouldn't you think? If you don't wish to participate, but want to get the word out to your readers, they have another logo in the two larger sizes without the word participant on it. Why not add it to your blog's sidebar in support?

If you don't know how to write a script, who cares, it is in the doing, enjoying the moment that counts. Besides, they have helpful hints and people on the forums are a wealth of information -- and it is just your first draft -- and it is only 20,000 words instead of NaNoWrimo's 50,000.

Its three times more exiting for me:

  1. I downloaded the free cross platform software, Celtx and love it.
  2. Leon and I are writing our first stage play together and are doing it the fun way. (Which really just means my way, which is not as organized as he thinks he is, and my method is subject to change on a moment's notice.)
  3. The first official day we can start writing the script, June 1st, is also our 33rd wedding anniversary -- and he still adores me part of the time (not sure after 30 days of writing together, though).
Note: It is the formatting that scares everyone and the software is instinctive and does the work for you! And - it was announced they are adding a special counter for us to use online at Celtx for Script Frenzy.

What are you waiting for. . . You know you have a story in you! Make it a stage play or screen play. . . Come on!


This Eclectic Life said...

Yes, you are writing something that excites you...but I knew that didn't I. Sounds like fun.

Marcia said...

This Eclectic Life - Life is fun, except when it is not, but I know you know that, don't I. Yes, I am wound up, and that means child like exuberance, writing too much and with too many words, talking too loud, trying to drag everyone there with me. . . I talked ONE person into excitement, and I will have to be satisfied with that. Thank you for swinging by even though you probably feel more like dragging by - or staying home.