Tuesday Tumble - Heading Toward Peace


Heading Toward Peace

Peace comes one person at a time and that could take forever and a day when you consider the sheer number of people required to make a difference. Yes, it feels hopeless, but so did dreams like sending a person into outer space, much less a tourist tagging along. That, too, began one step at a time.

"One small step for man." Sound familiar? (If you don't know the controversy on this phrase, click on the link later.) But for this purpose, one small step, when multiplied, brought a wild dream into reality.

I instinctively know many of you have already concluded I'm nuts to compare gaining peace on earth with gaining a tourist with more money than any human needs access to outer space. But it is such a simple way to explain it.

One person has a dream that seems impossible. Other persons have similar dreams or learn of that one dream, and they put their heads together to make it happen. It is slow going. The naysayers run rampant. The head shakers work their neck muscles overtime. Plans fail. One step forward slams two steps back. Another person throws out obstacles creating a maze to slow the process. Those trying to make it work run in circles, sometimes concentric circles that never meet. Others trying to reach their goal spiral out into wild tangents and fail to walk between the lines on the labyrinth they created.

Then one person or two or three breaks through and definable progress follows. And once progress is definable others dare to dream with you.

Going for outer space or going for peace: one small step for mankind that starts with one person. If you have been paying attention, there has been progress, definable progress at times, in gaining peace. Yes, there have been all the wayward steps listed above, but we have been dared to discuss peace on our blogs. Mimi Lenox has offered us "globes to fly", if not now, on June 6th, on our blogs, along with our words on peace. We have been dared to share the dream for peace.

If each blogger that believes in kindness to other human beings, in acceptance of differences, in dreams, flies the globe and posts - even a few words - on June 6, definable progress toward peace will be evident even to the naysayers and head shakers - because peaceful words and thoughts are one giant leap - and bloggers are world wide and the sheer number of us is too large to ignore.


My globe is a direct link to Mimi's site, just click on the globe to read or get your globe to add, either to your blog and/or for her to share on her blog.


Mimi Lenox said...

Awesome words. Inspiring.
I do believe in this project. Everything you write is true and full of promise.

Thank you.

Marcia said...

Mimi Lenox - thank you for commenting on my post. I love that you saw my words full of promise.

This Eclectic Life said...

I love it. I believe. And, you are right, it is one person at a time.

Marcia said...

Shelly - So many one persons out there. . . if we all believe we will be quite the force! Thank you for commenting (and after I fixed most of the typos! I have gotten even more careless in my excitement.)

This Eclectic Life said...

Congratulations on having Mimi choose your words as the Peace Site of the Day (is that what she called it?). You ARE very excited these last few posts. Must be your new blog that is getting you all fired up.

Patti said...

I have a peace globe on my blog and proud of it. Marcia, your words inspired me as well.
I love "impossible dreams."

Your blog looks beautiful.

Marcia said...

Shelly, thank you! Yes, excitement is reflected in typos - rampant - when Leon sees them, I know they are. . . (just kidding, Leon) I know you, Shelly, weren't talking about the typos) It is the subjects that are really getting me fired up! Thank you for commenting.

Marcia said...

Patti - I am so happy you also have a globe flying, but it is that you are proud of it that really makes me smile. Thank you for saying my words inspired you, that feels good. I can't take any credit for this site, I just grabbed a free blogger template. Only made a couple of teeny changes so far. Thank you for commenting.

Annelisa said...

You're so right. That's how I feel too... the more that put their heads together, the higher the chance just one or two workable ideas might spill out!

Peace to you and yours, now and always

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