Thursday Thirteen - About my iBook

06/06/07 Thirteen Things about Marcia's iBook

1. When we moved from South Florida to WA, I gave our son my crummy desktop so he would have no excuse not to email me, and equally because I wanted a Mac and new that would be the only time I could afford even a bottom line one. So much for no excuses about the email. . . . (But it works fine when he needs a letter proofed. . .)

2. I got my Mac the day after Christmas, 2004! A 12 inch iBook G4 with a lowly 512 MB memory and a 30 GB hard drive, which is now so full, I have fights with it every day. . . It lets me win just enough to blog, but not get fancy. Basically, I limp along every day, but to paraphrase Leon's thoughts about his job out here, "Even the worst day on a Mac is better than a great day on a PC."

3. It has had a set of heavy weight bi-fold doors 5 feet wide fall on it. . . won't say who thought they would stand up by themselves on a wood floor, but it wasn't me; someone has still not learned that when it comes to safety, I am always right. It sprung the hinges so it won't always close correctly.

4. The keys are so worn (well, most of you know I love to write, too much) that 6 keys have nothing on them, 5 others have but a dot left, and one actually has only a skinny hyphen shape left.

5. The keys are so worn that 7 actually have line indentations, Leon says they are from my nails digging in. Makes sense considering the angle of the indentations.

6. On one trip alone in the van with him, my unbalanced purse with my laptop in it fell out the door and down onto the asphalt, then fell almost out and I caught it, then fell off the bed onto the carpeted floor. . . I won't tell you (or him) how many times I have nodded off and woke up to it sliding off my lap, but actually caught it.

7. Since that trip, I put a CD in with the backup of some of my favorite photos and it cut a slice out of the coating on the CD. . . I haven't tried it again. Someone-Who-Shall-Remain-Nameless keeps promising to investigate the problem. . . That was months ago.

8. Apple is great about repairs - under warranty. The two times I had to send mine in (well, they aren't perfect) I had it back in LESS than a week, fixed. When I had to send my laptop PC in years ago, it was kept for over a month, both times, and never really fixed correctly, and they were rude on top of it.

9. A few months ago, we upgraded my memory, I mean, the laptop's memory from 512MB to 1.25GB. Of course, at the time, I didn't realize I had broken the CD drive.

10. The one little thing that irritates me about Apple is that even if I were to come into money, they do not make one of the super lightweight laptops and I hate carrying a camera case stuffed with junk much less a big purse with a 5 or 6 pound laptop and anything else I could think of since I had to carry it anyway.

11. The one thing that indirectly irritates me about my older iBook is that I cannot play Scrabble or use Microsoft Money on it. . . If my older Palm PDA had not destroyed itself (well, I didn't drop that so much) I wouldn't need Scrabble on my laptop, but I would need Money, I don't like Quicken. (So, there is my one indirect nod to PC!

12. My laptop is my pride and joy, it is connected to me, perhaps since it has electrical currents it has a direct connection to my brain. . . That would explain why words just seem to fly out of nowhere from my brain onto the keyboard. (Gee, someone should try to get a research grant to see if I just stumbled on something brilliant via that connection.)

13. I was going to write for number 13 that my husband is so sweet, he is on the verge of buying me a new laptop with a gigantic hard drive and a DVD drive, either that or a desktop thinking it would less likely to be dropped with earthquake straps in many places. . . Since he can't he's feeling a little blah. So, I had decided to stop talking about it, you know, be nice to him. . . but he just made a smart remark about the words not flying out of my brain, but my . . . . So, I guess I will have to end it with just 12. . .

I love my Mac. I love my iBook. I love Apple. I need an Apple phone. . . OK, the last is not true. I have no need,just lust for it. . .or something like that.

(I would share the REALLY cool things about Mac, but then y'all would rush out and buy one and supply and demand would probably raise the already too high prices. . . and I am still holding out for a new one in a year or so.)

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Crimson Wife said...

The very first computer my family got when I was a kid was a Mac 512. It's amazing to think of how much progress there's been in just 2 short decades!

MommyBa said...

I'm LONGING for an iBook or an iMac. It's the PC of my dreams!!!

Happy Thursday!

amy said...

Neat list..Where in South FL were you? I lived in Plantation

This Eclectic Life said...

It sounds like you are rough with your electronic devices! I can't believe you have worn the letters off the keys....OK, well I can but it still seems odd.
How could Leon say that about the source of your words? lol. You're right. Sounds like he and my husband could make a lot of a** "cracks." (sorry).

Shelby said...

I've never had an apple - but I do love my Toshiba! happy day :)

Drew said...

Sounds like the computer has really been through it.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I'm blushing. I'm so far behind in TTing that I'm just getting to you today???

Well, here I am anyway. I've had people drop by mine later than this, so ... Happy TT a few days late. Or a few days early, depending on how you look at it!