Migration Day! (And bonus Elvis poem!)

No, not the birds, or whales, or masses of humanity. Blogs are migrating. Elvis is here, not migrating, you can find him at the end of this very wired post! So, feel free to skip this nonsense and head for him. . . . but you will miss links to a lot of great blogs, if you do. . . especially if you are new to this blog, Wait, to heck with that, skip down to the poem, laugh or cry at it, and them start again here!

OK, this is it. Today is the day I migrate (only) two of my blogs to Wordpress.org. This one and Shh-Speakup. I know it won't happen overnight, I just hope it happens. Both will be under their blog names with .com added. The new domains are already pointing somewhere. . . .

I will be making some changes to Shh-Speakup, using it as I originally intended, more as a link and comment on organizations and just old fashioned speaking up and out. No fluff, so to speak.

Elvis is down a bit farther! Either be patient or just jump ahead. I know you miss the King.

I am moving the two memes I do, Wordless Wednesday and the Saturday Photo Hunt, here, to Tumbled Words as soon as I solve the camera/computer problems, which involve the sometimes necessary evil, money, or which place to put it when you get it. (NO! Not there.) But if you are already having withdrawal from all those photos I used to post, the links in this paragraph don't go to the memes but to my playing the memes, my photos. Everybody plays those two memes, right? If you don't let me know in my comments and I will send you their links.

But them, if I don't solve the problems, I could always get Shelby to take photos for me, I always love the ones she takes.

And, you can always seek only the good at Nancy's, she has a site full of photos to do the seeking in! And sometimes she makes it easy for you beginners to find the good, so don't be scared to try. You can find only the good, honest.

Of course, if I fail miserably at the migration, you could visit Matty if you miss my ranting and raving or attempts at humor, she does it quite well and she is after all a judge (no, not the ones that sit all pompous behind that over-sized desk like thing)!

You are almost to Elvis. Whoa, I wrote a lot, even for me! But Chris can write as many poems as I do.

Then if you miss my Unplanned Poetry, Chris's style is close to mine at times, most of the time it is pure Chris: he will entertain you with angst and deep thought and throw in humor when you least expect it.

Now, as is my personality, I am not just moving one, then waiting to see what happens, but just going for it. . . That is if I can figure it out. If I am successful, I will post the link to the instructions I found in a new post, along with the correct link to my new blogs. If not, well, I'll post that info, if I can retrieve this blog ever again. But I will be successful, the alternatives are not acceptable. (Of course, I will probably have to go to Damien's blog to find the link to the instructions I left in his comments for someone else. I may never find them in my thousands of never looked at again bookmarks and besides, Damien is organized and fun to read and he throws in helpful stuff, too, must be the teacher in him. (Hey, Shelly, that is what I collect! You are right, I am a collector. She is right about an awful lot, and being a story teller, she tells it so well, if she's not right, you are laughing too much to care. )

Whoa! Linking to all those people that way was fun, I've done one or two at a time occasionally, but I like doing it this way. It's me, don't you think? Marcia's version of link love.

I think that will become a regular feature of Tumbled Words! Weaving links into a conversation, I mean, because I could have kept weaving for the rest of the day, if my fingers would have let me (or the other part of my anatomy mentioned previously that wishes I had one of those fancy desks that go from sitting to standing height in a second or two). So, the rest of you will be woven in a future post, this is good for my aging brain.

Keep going, Elvis is just down a bit farther!

Now, I know it is not an original method of linking to people, but it felt different today. Of course, I just wrote a poem about an Elvis Presley impersonators groupie (of sorts), what does that tell you? It will either bring tears of sadness or laughter, that depends on you! I was going to post it later, or not at all, but, what the heck! You've stayed this long and I rather like it. It was prompted by a list of words posted in my poetry group, one word was Elvis. I used them all, whatever they were. (Yes, I really know what they were, I'm just in a playful mood, sure beats yesterday's.)

You made it to Elvis! Whew!

Elvis Revisited

Itch, twitch, stitch (in side)
it was all the same to the
doll batting her mascara laden eyes
at Elvis on stage, and years after his death
she found her nirvana in Jack

who pranced nightly in white jump suit
ripping the worn scarf from his bulging neck
and tossing it to the new love of his life.

That was then.

Today, it was not flesh,
but photo paper her fingers grazed
as they sought sideburns
that reached too far
for the next generation

gathered around the table
filled with flowers
at his hastily thrown together wake

where the drone of the dryer
in the alcove beyond was drowned
as one shot after another
was raised to lips chapped by age
as she mourned
the loss of her love,
the impersonator.


(I can't help it, I love this little poem. . . . and yes, I have lost it! But, I have no desire to find whatever I lost.)

Please, keep your fingers crossed - and your toes, and that hair on your head -- 'cause I read between the lines so much in poetry and people's body language, I may try to read between the lines in code instructions, too, and we all know that is a mistake.


Matty said...

Thanks for the mention, Marcia...but yes, I have to admit..doesn't 'Judge Matty' have a certain flair to it? lol.
The deadline is July 5th...so I hope everyone will give it their best shot! I haven't read any of the posts so far...Shelly will send me all the posts entered..so I can choose the funniest one, without knowing who the author is.
I look forward to laughing my hat off! The more, the merrier!
Thanks for the links...I will definitely check them out..
and how did you know that I'm an Elvis fan?

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Matty - You're welcome. Yes, Judge Matty does have a nice ring to it, and you think you haven't read them. . . unfortunately your head would have to be in the sand not to. But you will be fair. Besides the fun really is in the writing of them more so than winning. Elvis has more fans than he doesn't I think. Thanks for commenting.

This Eclectic Life said...

Thank you for the link, Marcia. I'm looking forward to seeing your changes. Loved the Elvis, and it was worth the wait until the end of the post lol! You like Elvis? There's a Dire Straits song called "Calling Elvis," that I like. Here's a link to the url where you can watch the video. I was going to post it for you and Matty, but it's one of those that play automatically.
Calling Elvis