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I have closed this blog to comments.

All new posts are on the new blog: TumbledWords.com.

I would love you to visit me there!

However, I have made the decision to keep this blog as is! It is my first blog and will always be in my heart, because the words reflect who I was and to a great deal who I still am. . .)

I have to share that one reason I left blogger for future posts is merely that with our own domain we currently have to choose between using the www. with our URL or leaving it off, you cannot do both. Of course, although I used to not type in the www when it was on blogger as a .blogspot blog, I have typed it EVERY time since I took my own domain on my poetry blog. It drove me crazy.

There is also the point of being in total control of my own blogs -though, already a slight pain!

I have been told I can do a lot with Wordpress.org, but Blogger has really made a lot of progress in what it offers us in the past few months. Also, some things are actually easier to do on Blogger, like being able to put your HTML in on the compose screen. A few months ago I created a Wordpress.com blog, I really still believe, for a beginner or someone who doesn't need to go crazy, Blogger is better.

There are several really helpful sites for those just beginning Blogger. I relied a lot on:

  • Dummies Guide to Google Blogger, which was formerly Beta Blogger for Dummies. His site is full of information and links to information!
  • Blogging Basics 101. It includes basic information I wish I had found much sooner! For that matter, a lot of the information is beyond basic.
I receive their RSS feeds. I may not read every detail every post, but I at least glance to see if I want to bookmark for future use. . . and future usually comes.


Make it easy on yourself when sharing!

Stop! Are you thinking that to help Shelly get 6720 squares to have put together as afghans for the kids that attend Camp Sanguinity means you and your friends have to crochet or knit tons of squares, causing your fingers to go numb because of carpal tunnel, your children to be unfed, your husband to be ignored (more than you MEANT to? Guess what! It really doesn’t.

I think many of us - when we mention it to others or in our self conversations - come across as if we want LOTS of squares from them. We are so used to being asked to give all. Even I was thinking that way, losing sight of her REAL quest: to have each afghan show the love of FORTY different people. (Well actually make that minimum of 41 because someone has to crochet them all together).

So, what that means is as few as one or two per person and you have helped! Of course, you could do more, in case not enough people participated or in case they DID and she can start donating them to other camps. So, what is needed is LOTS of people doing VERY LITTLE!

With that thought in mind, if you can do lots, great! Others have and more will have the time, but many don’t have the time, why they are wasting it reading this - or are they? I may have an idea that will work for you or someone you know!

It is you out there that is willing to do just one or two or three that REALLY will make this project be as she envisioned it.

So, let’s rethink how we approach people, remind them that this is SHARE a SQUARE, not give us everything you have. Maybe then more people will have time to participate. All they have to do is make one SIX inch square, then make a little tag with name and location (or just use your business card) and tie it on and stuff it in an envelope.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t have that twinkle in your eye, that hint of suggestion in your voice, that smile on your face that says, “but I really really want to see you do a bunch!”

I know if you told me just one I would be more apt to do it than if you told me twenty, although I have managed to get eight done.

I give you, Ways to get more people to do it with you:

- The easiest way: simply ask, it actually worked for me, I was floored!

- Challenge your friends, coworkers, neighbors!

- Challenge the men to put out! (You know what I mean!)

- Invite them over for a desert and coffee and a knit just one square night/afternoon.

- Invite couples over and let the men (unless they do needlework) just do the guy thing and hang out by the pool or over the pool table or in front of the TV while you all knit or crochet a square. They will love the opportunity to spend just a few hours with the guys and you will get to chat without them rolling their eyes or saying, “yeah, right!”

- Bribe those that knit or crochet that have tons of kids and really need to relax - offer to watch the kids for a few hours so they can knit or crochet a square! (OK, I may be pushing my luck now with that idea!)

- If you can knit or crochet, offer to show your neighbors or friends how easy it is (OK, so I haven’t learned to crochet yet, I can knit though.)

- Teach your school age or teenage daughter and her friends. Once they have learned enough to pull off a decent square, let her have her friends over for a girls night, get them a movie for later, snacks, whatever teenagers are in to now. Then show them an easy pattern for a scarf or hat.

- Get the whole family involved on family night! The little ones can stamp or color tags, the one who knits or crochets can do his or her thing, finishing touches or making more, the others can write out tags or further embellish them, someone can punch the hole, tie it on, address the envelope, put the stamp(s) on, and the littlest can put it in the envelope. See how easy it is! Then have a fun desert or play a game the kids have been begging you to play, heck just do Ring around the Rosy or I spy. Make it fun. Count your blessings!

- Write a letter to a relative or friend you have practically ignored for years, tell them you just need ONE little square made, send them the yarn, send them a beautiful photo, a peppermint candy, a cute card. Here is your EXCUSE to write that note you have been meaning to. Send the website url if they use computers.

- Have your children write a letter or allow them to type their first email!

- Do it for yourself if for no other reason, just get lost in the meditative qualities of knitting or crocheting, that quiet rhythm that slows your breathing and quiets your brain. . . and that quietness will envelope a child in love. You will have made a difference to one child by one square, a few minutes (hours?) of your time, even if scattered here and there over several days will affect more lives than just yours — obviously the child receiving the afghan will have the warmth and cuddle factor, the people around the child, especially, will appreciate the time involved and the love behind the time, as they probably have little to give others, and - you will have shown others it can be done, the children around you, especially will have seen that it can be fit in.

You may not be able to fix the world, but you can fix one tiny corner of someone’s heart and expectations of what can be. And that, y’all is one heck of a long term investment in someone’s life that will be passed on down the generations!

NOTE! This is one post you can copy, take pieces of, rephrase, whatever. You don’t need to give me credit or link back here, run with it. . . This does not just apply to Shelly’s Share A Square Project - but to any project. Brainstorming is my favorite thing to do other than tumble words out of my head onto a keyboard. I probably could have come up with more, but I have squares to tag and box up - and I have goofed off long enough! And yes, I am putting this on all my blogs, even their old versions still on Blogspot. Duplicate content, but, hopefully worth your time to read ONCE.

Share a Square, then take on the rest of the world!


One Hundred Fifty Six more Squares

Yes! - No, not by me, nor for me. 156 more for Camp Sanguinity kids. Read about who did it and how easily you can do the same without knitting or crocheting a single stitch!

(Oh my, that sounds like I am selling something on TV - nope, I'm not.)

READ HERE, please. It is about good people helping people.


I did it my way - sort of

Go on over, take a look at my new blog:


I found a template I can live with for now, adding a few quick items to blogroll there, will figure out the rest - and the hard stuff - later. It will be organized with more tabs.


Migration of three blogs complete

Had I just made that one phone call to understand one little detail these would have gone over days ago, weeks ago. Using Fantastico on my host site, lunarpages, to load Wordpress.org 2.2.1 was easy once I realized what to name the directories. Using the import tab in Wordpress on the admin page brought my blogs over with no problems - so quickly - it seemed impossible - though I did lose a few comments, not sure why, but as much as I love your comments unless someone tells me a quick way to figure it out, I am NOT hunting through them all! And Mr. Murphy, it better not be the most important comments of all! I've had enough of your Murphy's Law stuff recently.

I still have to find instructions to add no follow wherever it needs to be, add back all those cute little (and necessary) linked buttons, and find a template I love love love! Yes, I know I should have transferred just one at a time -- but hey, I may have forgotten the directions by then!

I have gotten conflicting info on 301 redirects - anyone with an opinion or facts, feel free to share it please!

There will be changes and experimentation and more of the same - and who knows what I will get done when, but now it all feels like fun again.

So, please move to the new blogs to comment, I will try to get the no follow off (if it's on??) later today, I think I have to download FTP software first, still learning.

http://shh-speakup.com (that one is changing a lot soon!)

(I did not move my poetry blog, meeaugraphie.com to wordpress - yet - because it is on its own domain.)

Still some things about Blogger I like better and they are adding all the time -- For a first blog I still prefer them over Wordpress. com - much easier to use!


In the Clouds - Some days

Originally uploaded by meeaugraphie

Some days the fog is so all encompassing it feels as if we are ensconced in massive clouds of steam in the middle of the night -- not flying in and out of fluffy clouds in sunlight marveling at their beauty.

We tend to form negative associations with fog. Perhaps instead of dwelling on those, the thick fog that seems to either suffocate or stifle us with it's nothingness, we could today celebrate fog!

Fog, the giant cloud that rolls across the horizon, rises from the depths of shed tears to hug us just enough to make us realize we are alive, to make us realize we can only change some things, that surprises are around the next corner, good and bad, that holds our tears until they can reach the clouds.

So, we are hugged by gentle clouds who allow our tears to fall back to earth where they rise again to remind you, me, them -- that we are alive.

Only the Good - 17th edition

OK, it is past time, I am late with this. Yes, I spent the day yesterday just being: hot but happy at the Farmers Market; happy that we drove to get 24 ounces of frozen glory: content on a beautiful drive to get Strawberry, Banana, Orange blended in a cup with no additives; excited at the weather as we ate our quiet lunch outside in JULY without sweating; pleased I did a little housework (yes, me, too!); relaxed watching a simple movie. Just content at being.

Now, on to your task! That dull photo above, find the good in it! Only the good, nothing more. It is there, and with practice there is much to be found. How did you do? Tell me in your comments. Then rush on over to Only the Good site that Nancy J. Bond started. Her photo needs to be studied as well. Tell her what you found. Then take all that practice and put it to good use out there in your real world. Why, you could even post your own picture, link back to Nancy's site and grab a link button for your site.

Now, still need a reason? Posting a quick photo and asking someone to look for only the good only takes a few seconds and gives you a quick easy post so you can have time to visit other bloggers - besides, you know we love photos - and who doesn't need to be reminded occasionally many times good is present and we just don't see it.