Free writing must be like free falling

. . . it is such a thrill.

It is official, I have succumbed completely to my inner child. I have always teetered, played a bit, but today I joined hundreds of other NaNoWriMo participants and wrote letters to three characters in my book and posted them in the love letters thread. I could not resist any longer after reading more of the other posts as they chastised their characters or spoke to them of their brilliance at going in a different direction than originally planned. It is so much fun.

Until I wrote to Andre, Terrence, and Solariana, and signed the letters as Meeaugraphie, a log on I use at times, I was not sure that I was the all seeing and almost all knowing narrator, but those lights coming on and characters changing course in mid stream is one of the joys of free writing.

Leon read them on the first official half day of his vacation. "They have become your invisible friends," he said.

All I could do was laugh, perhaps I should have written letters to all the characters in my novel, including the invisible friend of Solariana. I just may.


linetta said...

When is your inner child coming out of the laundry?
Do you want to keep spinning into a parallel universe where your missing other sock has disappeared to?

linetta said...

Your invisible friends really are your" need to control others "issues.

Chris said...

Hi Marcia and Leon,

Welcome to blogging. I'm envious you can figure out how to customize the site. One of these days I'll work on customizing my blog.

What I wanted to say is I love the name of your blog. It made me think of a play on words with the tumbleweed that runs freely across wide open spaces.

Have fun!