So much for original title -tumble, tumbled

Clever, I thought I was:

My words tumble out of my head so fast no one can keep up with them.
My very significant other half and I "tumble" over our views all the time.
I loved the way the three syllables of TUMBLED WORDS just rolled out.
I loved the way tumbled meant they had already been tossed around, although
in reality they would probably be posted with little forethought.
. . . And, we both agreed on it, go figure.

Today, I started setting it up, changed my default browser from Safari to Firefox -and mistyped my own blog name. . . as tumble. . . .

Ok, what are the chances -- that someone that appears to be in our age range, in our state, in a tourist city I love to drive through, off the SAME highway on the other side of the mountains -- would have chosen the same blog name plus or minus a D?

So, is the correct thing to do to change mine quickly before I get started? Probably.

Could it work out to the advantage of both blog owners to keep the names, one mistype finds the other, and vice versa? I have no clue.

With so many blogs existing, my being a late starter at everything, is nearly everything I come up with going to step on someone's toes? Good chance since many of the many I played with were in use or old ones no one had given up.

Our poetry challenges allow us to change tenses; why didn't I think of that when I checked for blog names? Too excited.

What will I do? Regroup and think for a moment. . . or two.


linetta said...

Is this where you bring your laundry?