of laundry and tumbleweeds

I have to laugh at how clever other people are and how Leon and I can both not see something so obvious and yet see something so obscure another time.

Linetta mentioned laundry, playing off the "tumbled" words. Leon has been involved with laundry equipment in one way or the other for too many years. . . Neither of us saw the connection and it was so obvious. One for Linetta.

Chris mentioned the tumbleweed connection. That one did cross my mind, in fact tumbleweed was originally in consideration for our blog title, since deserts were new to us, we saw our first one only 2 years ago. I have used tumbleweeds in my poems. . . yet, I did not think anyone else would see that connection with tumbled, although I did. One for Chris.

Finally, I put notes on characters and scenes on a dry erase board since my computer and its small memory can't handle my novel writing software. I am writing chapters in whatever program I happen to open and have had sisters with brothers by forgetting who was who. . .and yes, I changed it, that is not the direction my characters are allowed to go and stopping to figure out which character name I threw in and suddenly need to call up again wastes a lot of time.

Today will be a day of free falling and not just straight down.