Supportive husbands

rock the world, as do supportive wives! For that matter, supportive mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, friends and lovers, significant others, partners, bloggers and online group co's, teachers, sons and daughters, neighbors and co-workers, and. . . every person I have left out purely in a hurry to have tea.

Leon rushed out yesterday (in spite of my 'mood') to buy a cheap printer to replace my suddenly obstinate one so I could print 25,000 words to figure out what the heck I was doing. I had so many files started and stopped due to computer issues and then my own failing to type in the same copy that I was wavering on giving up or starting over. Mission accomplished, a 39 dollar laser printer later (after rebate) an entire evening of comparing files and deleting. I am ready to write. He encouraged me to write all day(s) until it is done as he labors over cleaning out the garage and shop for the next two days --and he said it with a smile and a sincere voice, offered shoulder massage, tea -- Yes, I know he is an actor. . . but his overlooking my mood and running out after a long day, did more for my mood than my finally wading through the mess. (Well, maybe it was almost a tie.)

So, all of you out there who don't feel like supporting your partner, etc., in their dream, try it, perhaps, even if for a minute or two at first. You may not understand just how important that support is until you need or want to be surrounded by it some day. And for you who need the support today. . . perhaps ask for it in a different way than usual. . . you may just be surprised.
Live your dream y'all -- as much as you can for now.

Speaking of support -- thanks, Chris, for the prompt for this entry. . .


Chris said...

Here, here, for supportive husbands! I agree with you.