Half way there

NaNoWriMo -- 25,000 words, finally. It is not that the words don't pour out. . . it is finding time to write them -- having a computer that is too short on memory -- and writing when I am so tired that I forget to save 300 plus words and then reopen another chapter to work on, so I can't recapture them. So, tonight I posted those I hadn't lost and my total was just TWO short of the halfway point. It took me five minutes to realize I only had to type two more to be halfway. Of course, I went back and added two words.

Our son and his wife are going home tomorrow, so nothing will stop me from getting the next 25,000 written in the next 4 days and Leon is most encouraging -- and probably glad for the quiet that will ensue as I type. If he weren't so supportive I would rent a clacking typewriter every November!


Chris said...

Way to go and keep on going clackity, clack. You are a good inspriation and it is so cool Leon is supportive. We need that in our men---yes?