All or nothing, can't start, can't stop

This is not a new reality check for me, but one that has become more obvious over the years. I put off starting things, just about any things at times, and I put off quitting things, just about any at times. . . unless it is something I didn't want to start in the first place. . . then I can find a reason to quit really quick!

But the starting thing, the procrastination, I find myself doing that with almost anything, whether it is something I love or not. "In a minute", I suppose that should be my name, but the question is: Do I not start because I don't want to stop what I am doing, even if it is nothing? That is probably the general rule, but what about all the times I do start something, no matter what else I am doing, even nothing?

Maybe the question is one I could answer if it were someone other than me?

Maybe it is that I was spoiled by my Mom (not material wise, but that was only because when I was old enough to want all that stuff, we had no money!)

But if that is the case, why can't I get around it by now?

Don't answer that, I am not sure I would like the answer. . .

(and you, Leon, once you have a chance to play catchup, don't even think about this question! and no, that is NOT a challenge, so you don't need to take it as such and answer.)

The one answer I do know, is once my keys touch the keyboard, I do NOT want to stop typing, no matter how much I have strained my eyes or hands. . . that is a 'defect' I do know how to solve, if not the root cause.

Computer, turn off. (Oh, I don't have the speaker on, it can't hear me, besides I don't even know the command to turn it off -- or if I can, but I know how to get my ibook to do 'knock knock' jokes with me when I speak slowly enough for it to understand me. So, no, I don't have many conversations with it.)

Have a great day, world! I am actually turning the computer off. Quick, get a photo.


East of Oregon said...

it's very hard for me to turn my computer off :)

Marcia said...

I knew I could not be the only one, thanks for confirming it!