It feels good to win, anything

but today it was a fifty dollar gift certificate for a major online bookseller turned seller of just about everything. . . And although I would love to say I won because I had written something brilliant -- it was only because I had written at all, a blog on 55-alive.com. I stumbled on the site earlier this week and since I am a baby boomer and I am hoping that site will grow and offer lots of info when I need it and blogging is so much fun. . . I started one. They are having a drawing again, one more time for people that either start a new blog or add to their old ones.

The best part was that our son called to see if I knew I had won (and we had overslept so I hadn't yet gone online). . . no -- not that he called to tell me, but that he even went on the blog site at all to read the one little thing I wanted him to see. I mean, after all, he spent a lot of years listening to me talk and talk and talk and now my asking him to read what I write and write and write -- even I can see that is pushing it a bit.

Now, I promised myself I would enter poetry in a contest and have procrastinated so I am going to do it right now. . . after my tea and after I come up with titles for them -- and after I write a thank you entry on 55 Alive!. (No, for once that is not a typo; the name of their site is actually 55 Alive!, so I can have two punctuation marks together.)


Chris said...

I was thinking---what about doing a blog just for your poetry.

Marcia said...

I would love to do that!
but. . .
copyright. . . and publishers not wanting to publish anything that has already been splattered on the net.

When I win the lottery and therefore can support us during retirement, THEN, I won't worry about trying to get them published and just throw a bunch of them out here!

And yes, I heard it is very difficult to get poems published. .