Banter or sarcasm?

Leon and I banter with each other all the time. . . except not by the technical definition because we tend to throw sarcasm in with it.

Like many people we cross the line at times with each other, but as yet with no real harm done. Why? Because neither of us would take it without getting in the other's face. In other words, we nip it in the bud. I have a feeling that not everyone would see if that way. There have been times when it probably seemed to overly sensitive people that our banter was no longer banter or even mild sarcasm. (OK, at times, they were probably right.)

That shouldn't happen here -- now that he is participating -- for one simple reason: the edit capabilities. And I, yesterday, gave him administrator status as well, so he could have equal opportunity editing, not that I told him!

Now, if we ALL could just have delete and back keys attached to our mouths, the world might be a place with fewer misunderstandings. Hmmm. Maybe the solution is just to slow down our reactions and allowing ourselves to "THINK FIRST, THEN ACT".

And wishing that the world think before acting is something I think about every single night when falling asleep.