Betta Blogger for Dummies

Yes, I added a link to that site with an over-sized red button. I could have just put a normal link with my other links, but that particular blog is so helpful, I wanted to give them whatever size link they offered. Yes, many of the instructions are in the Help link on Blogger provided when we log in, but for me it is quicker and easier to run to Betta Blogger for Dummies for help and I need a lot of help with the technical part of this.

I have already learned from them: the link yesterday to Dictionary.com for the simple word 'banter' was really done more as a test. I am going back and putting links within a few earlier entries for more practice; I am also redoing all the labels and adding a list to the side (which for now is a bit crowded 'til the changes are completed). Change is fun, change is good, change is not as easy as I would like it to be.

If you haven't experimented yet, I highly recommend it.