New Year Resolutions - No, not me

Why bother? I never keep them, any of them. But the real point is why wait until the beginning of a new year (or end of the old year) to do something you should be doing throughout the year?

Why wait until January to start exercising, stop drinking, diet, be nicer, learn something new, start something new, call people you neglected, try harder, go for walks, visit new places, let go of bad habits and so on and so on?

Start it now, well, at least some of them. Be creative by making a resolution if you feel it necessary on December 28 or October 26 or March 16. (I sure hope there is nothing significant about those dates, they just popped out onto my keyboard.)

Or better yet, don't make a resolution, just start doing it OUT OF THE BLUE (or not doing it if it happens to be a bad habit).

Besides, thinking up resolutions wastes valuable time you could put to better use otherwise, like by doing something.

I can't imagine if I had waited to 2007 to resolve to write a blog before I started writing. . . I would have missed winning the fifty dollar gift certificate a few weeks ago for Amazon.com -- for starting a blog on 55-alive.com, but then maybe you would have won instead.