Money and Time, both fly

but one flies out of our hands and the other flies by. . . both of them sometimes slowly, but usually much quicker than we intend, and once they are gone, they are GONE.

It was Indigo's simple question asked on the blog, QUESTION OF THE DAY on 12/20/06 that prompted the comparison (or realization) of their similarity to each other.

My reply on whose head we would put on a coin was not a head, per se, but a face:

clock face with wings on one side and fingers with coins slipping through on the other. . . both go so fast. . .


Norma said...

"Money talks--it says good-bye." I don't know who first said it, but I think it is also a title of a book.

Marcia said...

I searched the phrase after your comment, Norma. It had just popped up in my head. I may have heard it somewhere years ago.

I found similar phrases, especially bumper stickers and people using similar on their websites.

I also found this 1996 book by Arthur Goldstuck, "Money Talks but Mine just Says Goodbye".

Good memory!