Thursday Thirteen - 2006, firsts

12/28/06 Thirteen Things about Marcia

2006 Firsts:

Thursday Thirteen (today)
Blogs (three)
Poetry class
Poetry group
Writing class
Writing group
Entered first poetry contest (we'll see)
Saw more than one inch or so of snow (nine inches)
Snowman (with help)
Put out fire (only in C.E.R.T. class)
NaNoWriMo (still writing. . .)
Knitted animals (teddy bears and hedgehog)
Coffee with chickory (loved it)

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my 2 cents said...

An interesting list! Have a Happy New Year!

Ivy said...

Very nice list!

Norma said...

The TT is a good routine--you sound like a person comfortable with words. I have 10 blogs! Love words and writing.

My TT this week is on new year's finances. And visit my Friday Photo for some Christmas memories.

Bubba said...

Great first TT list! Snow is fun stuff...and it's still weird for me to be without it. I've been in Arizona for 5 years now, and still not used to having Christmas without snow.

Happy TT..and Happy New Year!

April said...

Hi Marcia, and welcome to TT! Sorry I can't share your enthusiasm for coffee with chicory, but hey, to each her own. Here's to many more "firsts" in 2007!

Lisa said...

Coffee with chicory - I'm from Louisiana, and sadly, I've never tried it.

I posted my first TT this week as well.

Joy Renee said...

you won nano first try? i'm 0 for 3.

thanx for visiting.