Blog neglect????

Is there such a thing? Yes or no, I feel that I should be writing more than I am, because Marcia seems to be doing all of the work. There are a couple of reasons why Marcia writes more than I do. (1) She types way faster than I do. (2) She is retired and therefore has the time. (3) This last reason is probably the most important, it is due to Marcia's talent as a wordsmith.

She writes stories, poetry, and she is able to write the way she thinks and speaks. That may not sound unique but trust me, it is. Most people when they start to write will automatically, and unconsciously, start to edit themselves, Marcia for whatever reason just rambles, oops, I mean writes the way she thinks. My talents lay in other areas, but am jealous of this talent of hers.

We shall be collaborating on a project this year, and that will be to write a children's book. For whatever reason we seem to compliment each other in the art of telling and developing a story idea, so look for our names in the future when buying a storybook for that special child in your life.

This concludes my first blog entry for 2007 and the hope that I shall be back with more.