Edited -- Nice, a blah word, leads me to a new meme -

Note: discontinued rather quickly. . . overextended myself. . . no time to promote with other three blogs, etc.

Nice thoughts are nice thoughts, but the word nice sounds so blah. It is no wonder no one wants to be considered a 'nice' girl, who wants to sound blah. I suppose calling a person nice is almost like using the word beautiful or love in the average poem, they (even love) seem to lose so much when you have heard them or read them.

So, please don't expect me to react with tons of enthusiasm if you say I am nice (though I am for the most part) or beautiful (for I am really not) or tell me you love something unless you really do. It won't mean I don't appreciate your use of the word, it will most likely be my personal interpretation of the word and a reflection of my own attempts to 'stuff' more descriptive words into my own head.

And why did I just drag all that up? Because I was going to suggest we all think one nice thought, now, this moment, about anything. It is something we started doing in our family years ago. . . and as I went to write it, I realized how blah the word nice is. So, let me alter my tradition and offer it this way:

"One great/awesome/comforting thought!" That may be translated to mean "One great and/or awesome and/or comforting thought!" At the count of three: One, two, three, think!"

oh, mine, that I discovered blogging and that I am going to add this daily, it will be my meme. . sometimes with a twist -- to remind me and any of y'all that need reminding since you are so busy. Please feel free to add your thought today in comments so everyone can read your thoughts -- put your link in, we can learn about you.

NOTE added 12:38 -- I have decided to make a new blog, just for this. . one where everyone adds their nice thought in the comments, so all our positive energy can build on one another.