Define the last few days. . .


Too much climbing up and down stairs at RV show, too many chemicals making their presence known (although not near as many as last show, these RV's must have been left open more)

Too many plans and schemes flitting around my head to keep track of any of them (but I sure had fun coming up with them)

Too much relaxing with friends (oh, but who can resist a charming toddler and good food - that THEY brought)

Too much reorganizing and cleaning getting ready for them (sure looked good afterward)

Too many compliments received by family members in one weekend (yeah, like there could ever be too many when they were sincere and they were)

Too many obstacles still in place for greatest of scheme.

Too many laughs at my own craziness!

A great weekend.


catherine said...

I enjoyed reading through your latest blog entries. It's always nice when the house is clean for company, isn't it. I blogged on your word of the day for today:livid. It will post tomorrow morning.
I also am amazed at how much time I can spend fiddling with html... especially when I'm supposed to be writing/reading/cooking dinner. ;-)

Hootin' Anni said...

Just wanted you to know that you've been added to the Bloggers over 50 blogroll.

Welcome. Hope we can all find friendships through this 'roll' and find some of us bloggers with things in common other than age. *smiles*