Why is it?

Why is it when you are supposed to be doing something else that NEEDS to be done you decide to learn to use HTML and BB codes for blogs instead?

Could it be simply that you tried to do a simple thing quickly, you know, like make a list with 1. and a. b. c. and so on, thinking that the computer would just know how to do it on its own? It does other miracles on a daily basis, like still work after heavy old fashioned bifold doors fell on it last year, so why should it make you type code -- knowing you couldn't see it go undone even though you excel at procrastination?

Could it be that you just didn't want to do whatever it was that you have now forgotten to do?

Or could it simply be this: the universe laughing at you because you had the chance to take an online course in HTML and even bought the book, but found other things to do and then, years later, when you started blogging, you looked for your book, couldn't find it, assumed it was packed away, gave up looking, and then found it, in the very room you had 'searched so well' and THEN,forgetting you found the book, you simply muddled your way and experimented with the code for longer than you will admit only to succeed in making the list, but have two naggling errors you couldn't fix!??! So, now you didn't get the first thing done and that could prove embarrassing this weekend and now the errors are posted on your other blog for someone to see.

And did you like the way I changed all the I and me to YOU? Made me feel better, at least for the moment. And the frustrating part of it, I love learning and I want to figure it out if it takes all weekend, but I have other commitments. . . so I will just have to suffer with both things half done -- for now.


Chris said...

Good questions Marcia. Isn't it amazing how we can sabotage ourselves from writing under the guise of how important it is to do - this and that. But, really nottime is wasted as long as it is time doing something we want to do. Be it learning our craft of writing by surfing the web or whatever.

Marcia said...

Chris is right, and usually I feel exactly that way, no time is wasted as long as we are doing something we want to do. . . and I definitely was! Of course, even though I checked the a,b,c's on those lists mentioned, when I went to the blog tonight, the a,b,c's were now 1,2,3's. Gremlins? If it were me, how could I change them in three different sections accidently? One, I could understand. . .