Thursday Thirteen Things I want to Do (4)

01/18/07 Thirteen Things I want to Do

1. Make a snowman the right way (done)
2. Submit poem and story to contest and/or magazine (contests done,)
3. Walk while it is snowing (outside, silly, done)
4. Treat my writing as a business (started)
5. Finish my NaNoWriMo novel (well....)
6. Participate in ScriptFrenzy (not until June)
7. Co-write a children's book with Leon (waiting on him to have time)
8. Buy RV and hope we like it (maybe, well, perhaps, if someone buys the house)
9. Rewrite the letters I wrote last year and never mailed (and mail the new ones)
10. Visit Canada with our friends (need to get passports first)
11. Write a sales oriented letter for my son I (but I can't stand salesman rhetoric)
12. hike (somewhere besides a street)
13. finish reading the non-fiction books (the ones decorating dusty shelves)

and bonus: finally put all the stuff we don't need or want on craigslist.org to sell (my husband will faint if I actually type it in. . . can't have him fainting!)

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Chickadee said...

Script Frenzy? I've never heard of that one...I"m intrigued.

Hiking is good...unfortunately this time of the year my motiviation sucks for hiking...spring and summer are my prime times to hike.

My 13 are up.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Great list and I hope you get to do all of those things. The RV sounds fun! Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful Thursday!!

Amanda said...

All the best with your list especially the finishing of your novels and story.

Caylynn said...

Great list! Good luck with everything - I hope to manage to do it all!

Happy T13. :)

East of Oregon said...

rv definetely sounds adventurous :)

Rose said...

Canada is a great place to visit. I should know, I live here.

colleen said...

Did I write that? It could be my list, but we already got the camper. I continue to walk the fine line of writing. When it crosses over into something I make income at, it has to still be fun or else I seem to freeze up. I like blogging because it helps me develop the informal voice I write best in.

So glad you "tumbled" across my blog.

The Counselor said...

You have quite a list here too!!

I haven't been to Canada in years, but I remember The World's Largest Bookstore in Toronto like yesterday...it was wonderful!!

As for "Script Frenzy", I'll have to tell my bf "The Dragon" about that one...he's been writing screenplays, short stories, and poems for quite some time. Have you ever been on Triggerstreet? He uses that site a lot.

Can't wait for your next list!!