Play time is work, right?

Playing is learning, and learning can be work, so if I am playing I am working, right? I won't say how long I worked at auditioning looks and animations and backgrounds for my Meez character. Meeone takes top right billing, later she will have to slide down the side to make way for other things, but today she celebrates one of the many parts of me. Wait, not just one, I see several represented in her and her actions. And no, I do not skateboard, not that I wouldn't love to wear a sweaty helmet and sweaty knee pads and wrist guards. (That was sarcasm in case it was not recognizable) Wait! That was Florida, I don't live there anymore, they might keep me warm here, but then, don't think I want the torn clothes and bruises that would go with it today.

But rocker at heart, yeah. Had to sans the boots though, they weren't free, and today is only about free. And free time is over until tonight. Late lunch is next, followed by reporting to "work" in my still nearly empty home office. I do get to pick my own hours, although, I have a feeling afternoon hours could well lead to never bothering to show up for work since I am so easily distracted.


Chris said...

Marcia, you are making leaps and bounds in the techy world. Good on you. Gives us a photo when your office is done!