Of Poetry and Fibs

I learned something new this week: How to Fib, something I would never, never do - not. They are such fun! I sat down as soon as I read the article and started writing.
No, I wasn't writing lies, although they are encouraged. (OK. I wrote one lie.) It is a form of poetry. You can read about it in the article that profiles a fellow blogger in the New York Times.

I found the article following links through several blogs. I want to give credit where credit is due and am trying to recreate my path for you.
To show the effects two days of migraines off and on can have on the mind. . . I searched this morning through blogs I had read recently, thinking it was through a blog. . . and I just realized, this very second, (now that the headache has eased more) -- it was through a contest that ends tonight at midnight on Flashquake. It was their link to Gregory K. Pincus at GottaBook that had more information on the Fibs.

So, have fun!

One of my first attempts and my last two attempts (now) at writing them as 1, 1, 3, 5, 8 syllables:

Laptop Crash

You can't,
I need you,
my poems aren't backed up.
They are who I am, who I'll be. . .


I could have lied, however, and written this one:

Laptop Woes, Not. . .

Crash. . .
My files
were backed up
yesterday, of course,
For I am the efficient one.


or tried to be poetic:


stars twinkle --
the hidden moon casts
a mysterious glow on you.


East of Oregon said...

hope your headaches are better!