People do change

just don't count on them changing the way you want them to or when you want them to. Then again, don't count on them changing at all; if they do, let if be a surprise, because most won't change drastically enough to meet your preconceived needs. (That spoken merely as a 56 year old observer of people.)

But, this post is about people that can change and do change, the ones that even hold on tightly to their change, excited that they have made it. I am only naming names about one particular change, the others will go unnamed because they apply to many people and maybe you would like to be the one spoken about, just insert your name if you have made the change.

My simple example: Leon hated reading. Never read for pleasure except a little during his four years in the Navy. For probably 13 years he wouldn't pick up a book, even after he started acting in 1985 and had to read his scripts. Script reading didn't count, was done out of his love of acting. That lead to reading Stephen King, which lead to a select few other authors - on a regular basis, go figure. And now, now, he has publicly stated what he told me in private, that he IS going to co-write a children's book with me.

(And for the record, there are many days I am jealous of his quick wit and the ideas he has come up with. . . but I always was, but now it is about writing!)

These changes in people I have witnessed, many from a distance, some in my face (or closer):

- Going from drinking every night, all evening and into the morning most nights, to drinking a beer or two or glass of wine occasionally. (at both ends, for years!)

- A crack addict getting off crack and getting a good job and supporting his family

- a stereotyped 'enabler' letting someone stand on their own feet and take the consequences while still offering support

- a woman who always had someone take care of herself become aggressive in getting what she needed to survive, both during her husband's illness and after his death

- a shy, easily intimidated woman start blooming into a person who was proud of herself

- a writer at heart push to be a writer at large

- a person changing their normal reaction to someone and finding that the other person then changed theirs, changing the dynamics of the relationship for the better

- a confirmed meat and potatoes man eating less and less meat and more vegetables and fruit and LIKING it

Have you seen someone change for the better? It does happen, gradually, but it sometimes actually happens. Congratulations, y'all.