Thursday Thirteen, Lists I Just Might Make

01/04/07 Thirteen Things about Marcia

1. What makes me smile (besides making lists.)
2. What frustrates the heck out of me (besides HTML and XHTML and CSS)
3. Thirteen Goals (being perfect won't be on it.)
4. Books I've sold (now numbers zero, since I haven't written one.)
5. Poetry I've sold (same zero, haven't even tried to sell it)
6. Lists I don't ever want to have to make (maybe that list shouldn't be written)
7. Foods I love (will take several lists)
8. People I really admire (that I actually know - would be meaningless to y'all)
9. My favorite poems (yes, complete with parenthetical remarks)
10. People who have made a difference in someone's life (no smart remarks here)
11. Non-profits that make me smile (and require little effort or money from us)
12. What's in my purse/pockets (or his, since his pockets are deeper)
13. New things I try in 2007 (hmm, better hurry up! (ooh, I have done one so far)

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Brad said...

Your list of lists to make is a great resource for future Thursday Thirteen topics that I just might have to steal!

Thanks for stopping by to see my list. I've added your blog to my list at the end of the post.

Just Expressing Myself said...

Sounds good to me.
I want to do one about regular folks who have committed great acts of courage. Yesterday here in New York a man leaped into the subway tracks to save a young man having a seizure. When he could not get him out of the tracks he rolled himself and the young man into the trough between the rails, lay on top of him and hugged him to keep his limbs from being hurt. The trian passed over them and neither was hurt. I tear up thinking about it.
Thanks for sharing,

Chris said...

You need more than HTML & CSS to frustrate you?

They do just fine for me... ;-)

JohnH985 said...

Interesting list. Now you have to make some of the lists on the list :)

My 13 are up.

rashbre said...

The list of lists is a great idea whilst kind of scary at the same time.

I shall have to tune in next week to see which one you have picked to start the process.

And my TT and WW are up!


Terri said...

I enjoyed your list. Ah, a woman after my own heart....another list maker!
Enjoyed browsing your blog. It's my first time visiting.
And I look forward to your photo on Sat. So I'll be back to see it.
Thanks for popping by my blog.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

I did not do TT this week. Sometimes I just cannot think of anything to write which was this week!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I don't think you have ever been by. Come back again anytime. Sandy

Raggedy said...

Great list!
Have a wonderful Thursday!
My TT is posted

East of Oregon said...

great list of lists!

Carmen said...

you sure you don't want to put "perfect" on your list. It's such an easy goal to attain! *wink*