Thursday Thirteen, These Make Me Smile (3)

01/10/07 Thirteen Things about Marcia

1. Snow (beautiful white snow just enough to completely coat everything)
2. Rain (hard Florida rain or soft Washington rain)
3. Lightning (as long as it doesn't hit anyone)
4. babies (when they grab their little tiny toes)
5. toddlers (when they turn on their natural charm)
6. quick wit (timing is everything)
7. Achy Breaky Heart (I can't help it, it does)
8. my husband (when he lets me take advantage of his good nature)
9. our adult son (when he says, "You were right, Mom," and isn't mad)
10. words (when they just leap out of the hidden recesses of my mind and onto paper)
11. watching someone go for their dream (anyone, including me)
12. my husband and son (even when number 8 and 9 are not applied)
13. exploring Washington (and taking photos of it)

and bonus, and definitely not least: the internet

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Jessie said...

I love rain and snow! Happy TT!


Like Tumbled Words, I like rain too. I can't love snow since we don't have it here but would like to experience how snow is.
Thanks for passing by.

Raggedy said...

I love snow.
Great smiling list!
Thanks for sharing it with us
Have a wonderful Thursday
My TT is posted

mar said...

what a lovely list, I am getting to enjoy nr. 9 since our son is in his late teens

Tink said...

Wonderful list! It's been a while since we had snow over here, but I'd like some!
Thanks for visiting my TT.

The Counselor said...

I miss the snow...

I'm in Atlanta, GA...and I haven't seen a bit. I'm originally from Chicago....

no more snow for me...

*wiping tears from my eyes*

oh well....