Following a trail

Had a couple of minutes to seek other Photo Hunters, a meme I participate in on my other blog, Shh-Speak Up! . I clicked on SugarFused who also participates in Wordless Wednesdays, (me, too). She also had a link to Spouse Notes , such fun to read the notes of others. Check them out.

Another list that has become regular reading now is East Of Oregon's Tuesday Shopping Lists (not a meme) that she finds abandoned and forgotten in shopping carts. Some are fun to try and interpret their "shorthand". (She also participates in photo memes.)

The only other meme I participate in, Thursday Thirteen, and that one I reply to on this blog. . . That one feeds my need to write, the other two memes my love of photography. But I have to say, just getting out there and exploring other blogs is overwhelming some days because I find so much else I love! I am so glad all y'all blog!

(Note: I linked to all their home pages this time, because you just never know what you might miss by clicking only on one entry.)


Raggedy said...

I have been reading and looking at the beautiful blog and pictures over at sugarfused since I first started blogging. She is one of my favortie links.
Thank you for your visits to my blog. It is good to see you. Come back any time. The door is open. I'll leave the light on for ya.

Hootin'Anni said...

This is so true! I love to go blog-hopping and I have 'membership' of the same blogrolls. It's just amazing and most always quite interesting to visit one another and learn a thing or two, and it also can be quite entertaining to say the least.

Just here from the Blogger over 50 blogroll and wanted to say "Hi, Happy Sunday".