In lieu of ranting in a very unladylike way. . .

I am writing a don't get too comfortable warning and I present my first ever knitted hedgehog, Hedgy. . .(my name for him, not theirs). He was knitted using a free Lion Brand pattern last year. I usually knit shawls or scarves, not being the best knitter, but after trying a tiny teddy bear, I couldn't pass this up. I have no idea what I will do with him, for now he hides on a little shelf beneath the table in an attempt to hide from the dust collecting above.

Now, why this posting instead of the several I had written this morning on an RV show we attended? To make me smile and to attempt an almost polite rant because an unnamed national investment company did not follow logical procedures and canceled the early distributions of my IRA (going since late 90's). Which, according to the IRS means I have to pay the PENALTY AND INTEREST for all withdrawals ALL those years because I stopped withdrawing before I was eligible. . . but I DIDN'T stop withdrawing. . . BLANK stopped distributing it. . So, not only am I shy two months worth of money as of last week. . . . . . . . . Thank goodness for building emergency money into my checking account!
I have filed a formal complaint within the investment company and will give them a few days to review and figure out how they are going to help me solve this.

Why am I not naming them? Because I have not given them a chance yet to correct their mistake and everyone deserves that chance.

Now, to admit MY part of the blame in this:

- I did NOT closely look at all of my statements as I didn't understand all of it, but I did look at how much I had gained or lost and I knew I had maybe eight years of draw left if nothing went haywire and nothing got better - EIGHT years. Had I looked more closely I would probably have noticed the cash reserves and called them.

- I was comfortable with their past performance. They had deposited my check correctly and on time since 1998. When the funds needed to be shifted around once before to free up cash for my distribution, they called months ahead of time. They definitely knew my mailing address as evidenced by all the crap I got every month and the distribution receipts. I used to check my checking accounts, etc. nearly everyday, but my Quicken program had quit interfacing with my credit union and my husband's computer was not always here and I had trouble at the beginning of the year reestablishing passwords when our credit union changed to a new computer system. I have a buffer built into my checking account, overdraft protection through my savings account, and was tired of hassling with computers and passwords so I relaxed a bit and stopped checking as often.

So, I might have caught it in time had I night relaxed after months of nearly daily checks. . . and I am writing this because I know MANY of us get comfortable when we have auto deposits and bills set up automatically to be withdrawn. Learn from this!

But one question: if you had a customer who had NOT called to cancel their distribution and their account was getting low, and knowing they would face penalties and interest AND not have income coming in, would you not try ALL the numbers you had on file if their reserves were low? Would you not ALSO try mailing them notice that if they did not get with you soon, their distributions would be terminated?

Don't get comfortable guys, because Murphy's Law is still alive and well, one person makes a simple mistake, another one follows, like a tumbleweed on steroids.

And it is not over until all cards have been played, it is not unsolved until everyone has been given a chance to try. And --- I saved the best for last:

Writing and Dark Chocolate are therapeutic!


Frances said...

Thanks for stopping in at my site.
Hedgy is adorable and I so totally agree that Writing & Dark Chocolate are therapeutic. Practically a cure-all!

East of Oregon said...

oh I love Hedgy!! Keep up posted on the distribution stuff - and GOOD LUCK!!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Hello Marcia. so nice to have you drop by!! I see you are in the over 50 blogging club or blog or whatever it is called. I am really over 60 but dont tell anyone!! I dont feel that way but that is the truth...especially this coming Tuesday...one more week and I get to have another birthday!! I want to read more on your blog but better be thinking about supper instead. Yes, we are loving our motorhome. It is a God send!! Sandy