I normally post different things on my three blogs, but have once or twice linked to Shh-Speakup. Today I am again. I wrote on procrastination, personifying it. After writing, I looked up procrastination on Answers.com, was quite surprised at what I read, so I linked to it at the end of that blog entry:

Procrastination -- Owner of Prime Real Estate

Hope you enjoy my entry and are at least somewhat surprised by the information on the link to how procrastination is seen now.


Chris said...

Marcia, the impression I have of you because of your prolific writing is that you are not a procrastinator. You're the first to jump in with support for your writing friends and anyone who can keep three blogs going at the same time can't be a procrastinator

Good entry.


DellaB said...

Hi Marcia,
Thank you for visiting... I have come to say hello and have a quick look - I will be back to cruise your links and look at some more of your photos.

I really enjoy looking at the things other people have around them, and to see the places, your photos are special...