Learning by doing versus. . .

I have to say, nearly everything I have done that involves computers I have learned by trial and error, sometimes looking up how to do it -- when I can find it. There is a lot to say for that method of learning: it is fun; whatever you learned that way sticks with you.

It is not so much fun when you are 'live' on the internet and in a hurry to do it right, make it interesting, add new things, or correct your previous mistakes.

I knew it would take time to simplify my labeling of posts. . . HA! I did not expect it to fight me, though. This is how it is going:

I try to change creek photo, etc., simply to Photo (with a capital P). I type Photo and hit return (well, I didn't hit it, but thought about it). It immediately changes it to photo, -- not what I wanted. I get smart and don't hit return, but click Publish instead. I think it saved it the way it was. . .

Why did it work on some entries and now won't?? I am at the point I feel like just deleting all the labels and starting over, which might be easier, but the previous ones will still pop up, so that solves little. It has to be me. . .(Well, it doesn't, but I can't discount I am overlooking something!) So, my labels will take a LOT longer to update than I thought. . . maybe years at this rate, especially if we add procrastination, forgetting, and a tiny bit of temper (not me) into it. But at least I came up with a new label: Uncooperative technology moments. . which is shorthand for all these moments:

It won't work!
I know it is not me.
I didn't TELL it to do that. . .
Why are you dropping me?!
I can't figure out this gibberish (followed by head in hands)
The power IS on. (after looking for the fifth time.

Then there is the new shorthand, Uncooperative SELF moments, for these:

OK, so she showed me what to do to put tags in html for the photos, but WHERE do I put it? I've looked so hard my eyes won't focus, but I hate to bother her, yet again!

Yes, I powered it down and back up and stood on my head and cleaned it and read the directions and followed them to the letter (oh, they were numbered?)

OK, for today they both won! I've been driven crazy! I'll get off the internet, I'll hook up my printer, I'll do housework! STOP, I don't need to do those things because writing about it eased the stress.


Skittles said...

Oh poooor you!!!! Been there myself :)

Vic Grace said...

Sounds like you have had a trying day with your computer. Thanks for dropping by and wishing me Happy Birthday.

Lynn said...

Hi Marcia! Thanks for stopping by my site. Got one thing in common with you - trial and error 'relationship' with computers. Gettin' by.