Thursday Thirteen - In the midst of

03/08/07 Thirteen Things about Marcia

Everything comes in waves for me. The waves I am in the midst of:

1. Organization of labels on my blogs, aka., simplifying them. (Eliminates one more excuse not to submit, I mean reason, not excuse.)

2. Creation of a notebook to track deadlines, submission guidelines, etc. (Already missed deadlines that were scattered on bookmarked websites. . . oops!)

3. Creation of a schedule so I am not on the internet all day. (Like I will ever read it.)

4. Planning specific 'type' entries on my 3 blogs on specific days (I have actually almost finished. Yes!)

5. Creating an office (OK, so I started it months ago. . . I haven't found a comfortable chair yet, so not exactly motivated.)

6. Not being able to concentrate on detailed things, like setting up budgets or reading directions for HTML. (Or remembering to exercise; well, that is a detail.)

7. Emailing back and forth with my brother, he has a break between videos. (I think I've talked him into blogging, he likes to talk as much as I do.)

8. Wanting to rake and lope branches and clear the wildness around the house.

9. My creativity is back, I'm back to writing too many poems. (Like usual.)

10. The novel I started in NaNoWriMo is tugging at me to come back to it. . . (Since I wrote scenes as they popped in my head, I am printing it all out so I can figure out what goes where. One more small step in organizing.)

11. I can't fall asleep for the blogging and poetry ideas running through my head. (Of course, an uncomfortable mattress isn't helping.)

12. I am obsessed with finding somewhere cheaper to live NOW, but still be in Western Washington, within commute to his job. (And. . .cheap plus within even 2 hours to his job, don't compute!)

13. Not wanting to do anything indoors, it is so beautiful outside.

NOTE: Of course, all this means I am not obsessed with changing things in the house or moving furniture or trying to talk Leon into making something for me. . . but I am sure that wave will return eventually. . .

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Danielle said...

#3 and #11...yep that's me ;)

Jenny said...

I feel your pain. Organization and scheduling comes in waves for me too. Maybe one day I'll figure out how to finally stay on track! :)

Skittles said...

Ugh!!! I've been a cleaning fool lately and there's still snow on the ground! I just got back from Walmart where I bought all kinds of shelves cuz I'm going to tackle hubby's junk closet. Wish me luck :)

Kathy said...

Really enjoyed reading your TT. Sounds 2 much like me when it comes to organizing a life. I was born & raised in Oregon and absolutely love the place. I'm a transplanted Oregonian livin' in SW Pennsylavania. There is no place like home.

Keep on TTin!

Samantha Lucas said...

This is cool. I found you through the Thursday 13 thing, which I'm new to, but I did NaNo last year too and I'm enjoying you blog, so thanks for sharing and good luck with you organizations. wow, you're busy. :)

Christine said...

I try not to surf the web too much; but it is great fun. I need help with organization - so could totally relate to your post this week.

My TT is up too! All about the writing life.

amy said...

Thanks for posting this week. I love when I get in the mood to organize.wish it happenned more though

spyscribbler said...

Too many poems? How can anyone write too many poems? That's not possible!

I don't look at my schedule, either. I love making them out, though!

Happy TT!

Dane Bramage said...

If only I had your organizational fortitude. My life would be less chaotic. Thanks for visiting my 32nd Thursday Thirteen 13 Quotes About Women Edition.

gem said...

I'm like you. When my brain is relaxing, lots of ideas for writing hit me when I'm supposed to be sleeping. I used to get up and try them but then I wouldn't get enough sleep for work the next day.

Sybil said...

Three blogs! I have enough trouble dealing with two. It's good you feel like writing.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Keep up with the knitting, you'll get better and it will be more interesting.


We are the opposite. I would eventually love to be writing on the Internet all day. :-)

East of Oregon said...

I understand completely. :)

Raggedy said...

3 blogs, poems and a novel!
I can hardly manage one blog.
Good luck with all your organizing and I hope you get back to writing your novel.
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

Joy Renee said...

yeah. organizatio comes in waves for me too and right now i'm about to be clobbered by the wave of clutter in my surroundings and in my head--missed deadlines and other things that could sabotage three years of effort by giving me a reputation for unprofessionalism. all because i am hyper-focused sine early Dec on the looming library closure here in Southern Oregon. My tt is 13 research projects impacted by the loss of the library. it is the first in a series of three. and yes there are that many. at least. writers need libraries more than caffine.

Western Washington? i grew up in Longview on the Columbia River.

i've been a NaNoWriMo participant three years in a row. haven't won once. good job. know how tough that is.

Qtpies7 said...

Wow, are you busy! I hear you on the cheap and close thing. We managed to get almost affordable and a 1 hour each way commute. But its a good thing we bought our house now because the cities are spreading out this way and will soon be outrageous to live in.

Rose said...

You certainly are busy. I need to organize around here.