Monday Interplay

This will be the day Leon participates in the future. I admit to being both organized and unorganized, sometimes simultaneously, I doubt he would admit to it, but it's true! He's just a better actor than I. We both agree that many times organization does beget creativity, besides the obvious finding things and getting things done. I, like this blog, am a work in progress. (Such freedom that gives.)

For now, correcting labels and learning more HTML to change things up a bit is progressing slowly. My post schedule, set in stone until I learn to wield Leon's 5 pound sledge hammer better, will become my Thursday Thirteen this week, why not?

As for the interplay, I'll have to recreate one for now. This weekend we played well together, we actually agreed on where to put which flower and move the tree. We didn't agree on which trees to buy, however, or which restaurants to go to, it was typical of us:

Me: Let's go to this restaurant.

Him: Not today.

And later. . .

Him: Where do you want to eat?

Me: Don't care, anywhere, I'm just hungry.

Him: But where do you want to eat?

back and forth until. . .

Me: I already gave you my suggestion earlier and you said no, so it's YOUR turn to decide. You didn't want to go where I suggested! You decide.

Nearly 33 years of marriage and we STILL have this discussion. . .and I am sure we both have perfectly good reasons for NOT wanting to decide -- well, I do -- but at least it has tempered a bit, so to speak, over the years.

Just for the record: Sometimes one or the other of us actually makes a decision before we leave the house, before the question even comes up. Imagine that.


Liz said...

That sounds like us!

What do you want to watch?
I don't mind; what do you want to watch?
What about ___?
No, don't want to watch that.
What do you want to watch?
Anything. You choose.

And so on. And we're still happily married!