OK. So you miss the snow. . .

What do you do to get over it? Yard work. Rake and weed and plant. Get those lopers out and chop away at something. (Well, not just anything. . . think before you lope. . . yeah, think before you mope.)

Every muscle in my arms ache today; yesterday, I couldn't decide if I just wore the oil right out of the lopers or just exhausted myself and couldn't open them up anymore. (That's not a joke, it got to where I could barely open them.) Leon dug holes and planted and turned around to see piles of dead branches and blackberry vines and wild "whatevers" that had encroached our plants. That frustrates him because I always get too tired to pick up all the stuff I cut, leaving him more work after the heavier labor he's already done. It is just that I get so excited that I can do yard work here since I am not sick within 15 minutes like I used to be from the Florida heat and humidity. And our part of Florida was totally flat. Our yard here is on a hill, yet I made four hours walking up and down the hill, raking and loping away. . . and yes, finally helping stuff it all in bags for we had filled up the trash can last weekend.

And no, I'm not walking downstairs to do laundry this morning. . . my legs are rebelling. . . after all, I have such a short attention span, you don't think I just stood in one place and did the work with a minimal of steps do you? You're right, I didn't. Bottled water was down the hill on the opposite side of the yard (thank goodness we don't have an acre or more), the tools I needed next I had left up the hill, then I'd walk down the hill and into the road to see where the new bed should go, now back up to start loping again, followed by more zigzags across the yard for those 4 hours.

Then there was the saw, but it didn't get me. . . It was the perfect afternoon. . . but the flowers are so bright yellow. . . it's a good thing we only planted a few.

We may love fall, winter, and spring. . . Summer, well, we'll decide on that when we get there.


Chris said...

Great photos. You have an eye for beauty!

Hope your muscles recover fast.

RUTH said...

Thanks for you visit to my blog. Sounds like you had a busy time. I hope the aches are easing now.