Thursday Thirteen - Theatre Beckoned Him. . .

03/01/07 Thirteen Things about Leon, not me, today

. . . and thirteen he chose to act in:

1. The Crucible
2. Dial M for Murder
3. Wait Until Dark
4. The Nerd
5. Uproar in the House
6. Noises Off
7. I Hate Hamlet
9. The Lion in Winter
10. MacBeth
11. The Good Doctor
12. Prelude to Lieberstode
13. What Made Oscar Wilde

No parenthetical remarks today.
The snow is calling me to play.
OK, the snow is calling,
but sleep is begging. . .
Have a really, really great day!

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Lady G~ said...

I'm sorry to say that I've only heard of 4 of the plays. :o( I'll have to look up the other ones.

I took drama in high school. I thought it might help me overcome my shyness. Guess I didn't try hard enough. LOL!

But I'm not the same girl I use to be. Good thing. :o)

Have a blessed Thursday!

amy said...

what a great list..I hope you are having a good time playing as well

Sparky Duck said...

sleep, yes sleep is a good idea

mar said...

Impressive list, although I don't know all of them... happy TT! how is the snow?

Mercy's Maid said...

Hope you had fun playing in the snow! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

BeckyD said...

Thanks for stopping by, the Daytona Pictures were posted in the next Post, Click on the Daytona 500 Picture and it will take you to my Flickr page where there are 60 pics from the race.

Hope you enjoy them