Tuesday Tumble - Why I blog

Last week, I started a poetry blog, MeeAugraphie, and found a weekly Haiku meme to do at One Deep Breath. This led me to Brian's blog, Truth is Freedom. Can't wait to see where else I am led. But, I will stop with Brian's post on the 23rd, asking why we blog. I have seen others pondering it, but this time I replied, in part:

I blog because words demand to tumble out, pictures beg to be displayed, and if I have evoked emotions in anyone, I have lived. But it is also that if any of us write something that makes a difference in one person’s life, if only momentarily, the world is made better.

I love variety in blogs, I love to click on the next blog, not knowing if I will only get a peek through the barely opened curtains over their heart and mind or see them out on the lawn in full view.

To add to that, I blog because it feels right, it makes me smile, it makes me think (OK, that was never a problem.) Primarily, I blog because I instinctively know my words are meant to be shared with someone. It may not be you today, it may not be anyone that reads this week, but I know I made a difference to someone and will again. It is what I am meant to do.


Brian said...

Thanks for the links. I'm glad that my questions inspired you to a post.:)

I like your photos and your poems. T understand you do Thursday Thirteen, but with your new poetry blog you might want to consider Poetry Thursday.


It's a great site and we have a lot of fun all week.

Liz said...

I agree with all of your reasons. I'll add that it has become part of life to me - is probably what I have been waiting for, a way of communicting that I can do. (I'm not good at talking!)

Oooh, yes, my word verification says it well. Blogging is oxgasy for me!

Marcia said...

Brian - I did join Poetry Thursda and I am having so much fun!

Liz- I love that someone agrees with me about something! How cool that the words verification spoke to you.

Thanks y'all for reading and sharing your thoughts.