In the Clouds

I figure if my head is in the clouds, it can't be face down in the dirt. That works on the surface.

However, there are clouds:

Fluffy clouds that bask in the sunlight of life

and there are clouds:

- Mere wisps of clouds that float away, leaving me to chase them

- Thunderheads that threaten the very thread of life

- Clouds that hover close to earth keeping my head down - in the dirt

- Clouds that are but disguises for smoke that infiltrates and suffocates thought

But, look! Over there. . . on the horizon:

the sky is filled with clouds, white fluffy clouds just for me. . . and you.


whitney said...

I liked this. It's very uplifting, literally :o)

Marcia said...

Whitney, I'm glad you liked it, I love cloud pictures, tried to tie them in to thinking positive.