Only The Good - 2nd edition

Photo - ice on windshield. Your mission, see only the good in this photo!


NOLADawn said...

Well, coming from the land of heat, it looks nice and cool. :)
Thanks for visiting.

East of Oregon said...

I see a patch of light through the ice - is it sunshine? 'cause it looks like sunshine :)

Liz said...

Thta's a beautiful photo. I'm only a beginner photographer - and short-sighted with age so can't even see if things are in focus when I'm trying to capture them - and I struggle to get the camera to close in on what I want. It's supposed to be all-knowing but I obviously haven't found the right button yet!!

Marcia said...

Noladawn - I moved from FL so I know how cool it looks to anyone from the land of heat.

East of Oregon - It's sunshine! (Not that we ever get it here. Shhh. Don't tell.)

Liz - I can't see the focus all the time either. Did you know that many cameras you push only halfway down on the button, let it focus, and then take the photo? I never remember half the time.

Thank you, all, for commenting!